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Wills & Probate Solicitors Cork: Making a will is key to the orderly devolution of your estate once you have passed on and is essential to ensure that your belongings, property, savings and investments are passed to the beneficiaries of your choosing. Where a will is not in existence, this can lead to lengthy legal disputes between potential beneficiaries, which should be avoided at all costs during what is already a difficult time for family.

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When you make a will, you are ensuring that the following important aspects are covered:

  • You clearly establish the beneficiaries of your estate and to what extent each individual benefits.
  • An executor(s) will be established to manage the administration of your estate.
  • You may appoint an age at which younger beneficiaries will become eligible for inheritance.
  • In the case of your untimely or sudden death, you may appoint guardians to younger children.
  • A professional will can also ensure that inheritance tax liability is minimised for beneficiaries.
  • You may create a trust for any beneficiaries that may be vulnerable or in need of ongoing assistance.
  • A will, will greatly assist beneficiaries expenses after the time of your death.


Wills & Probate Solicitors Cork and Midleton

Succession Planning:
Succession planning is at its core a will for your business, farm or enterprise after your death. When you deal with Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP we will take the time to truly understand the nature of your business and your wishes for the future. The key to successful succession planning is the identification of key leaders within your organisation, who may be best placed to manage and lead your business interests after your death. We will help you to identify the critical roles within your business and put in place a plan that will allow for a seamless transfer of management/ownership upon your passing. This forward planning will ensure that those who are most important to the running of your farm or business have an integral role in the future of the organisation and will ensure its success into the future. When you speak with a member of the Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP team about succession planning for your farm or business, we will ensure that the following areas are covered in detail:

  • Identifying and building a pipeline of potential leaders within your organisation.
  • Minimise risks in the event that a key leader leaves the business.
  • We will help you to identify if your business is heavily reliant on a number of key individuals and assist you with minimising any risk potential upon their departure.
  • A clearly defined company structure will also assist greatly with your succession planning.

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Probate and Probate Litigation:
Upon the death of a loved one, where a will has been left, the distribution of the estate is known as Probate. Where a will had not been left one of our probate solicitors  in Cork and Midleton will need to be employed to ensure that the estate is distributed within the Rules of Intestacy as per Irish Law. Where the occasion arises where a will is contested or disputed in some way, Probate litigation may be required. The team here at Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP can offer a full range of professional probate services for the fair and lawful distribution of an estate. Put your trust in a team of legal experts who can ensure the smooth distribution of assets.

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