Dispute Resolution and Litigation Cork and Midleton

Dispute Resolution and Litigation Cork: Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP are established dispute resolution specialists based in Cork City, Midleton and Dublin. We take great care to advise our clients on a wide range of disputes and can assist with everything from property and inheritance disputes right through to professional negligence claims and judicial reviews. At a time that can be fraught with worry and stress, our dedicated ADR (alternative dispute resolution) law experts are committed to providing you with a safe space, expert advice and a personalised service.

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Solicitors, Cork

We recognise that disputes can cause distress and often financial hardship, and we always work hard to ensure a resolution can be found that benefits our client.

The following areas are just some examples of where we may be able to assist you with dispute resolution.

•  Defamation and employment disputes
•  Contract claims
•  Challenging a will
•  Professional negligence
•  Personal injury
•  Public liability
•  Commercial contract dispute resolution
•  Company and partnership disputes
•  Judicial review
•  Insolvency
•  Property disputes
•  Landlord and tenant disputes
•  Possession claims
•  Intoxicating liquor law
•  Removal of personal representatives and trustees
•  Inheritance claims

Dispute Resolution and Litigation Cork

There are a number of options available for dispute resolution and our team is highly experienced in resolving disputes through mediation, arbitration, expert determination or litigation. By always listening with care to the needs and goals of our clients, we recognise that each case is unique and therefore requires a unique solution. We want you to feel confident in our expertise and our commitment to your case at all times.

Mediation: An effective and affordable dispute resolution option for those who wish to preserve relationships either professionally or personally. The voluntary nature of this approach lends itself to effective dispute resolution for all parties.

Arbitration: Arbitration works well where mediation may be failing to yield results. By introducing a third party (the arbitrator) to decide on the outcome of a dispute, litigation can be avoided and the process remains confidential. All parties consent to the appointment of an arbitrator and the final decision is enforced with ease.

Expert Determination: One or more independent experts are appointed to find a resolution to the issue at hand, which can be particularly effective in disputes that involve valuations and contract law. This independent third party expert will deliver a binding result after careful examination of the evidence submitted. Court is avoided and the process remains confidential.

Litigation Solicitors, Cork

Litigation: Where the methods above are unlikely to yield results due to the complicated nature of the dispute, the team here at Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP can provide full litigation services through the court process.

To learn more about dispute resolution and how it may benefit you, please get in touch with a member of the Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP team today and we will arrange an appointment or a phone call to fully understand the nature of your case. Recognising that each and every dispute is unique is the reason why we have garnered such a strong reputation for dispute resolution.

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