Health & Safety Law Solicitors

Making sure your business conforms to the great number of health and safety, employee welfare, and corporate regulations can be demanding.  Should a breach occur in any of these directives, the risks of investigation, or worse prosecution, by an authority can be a serious matter for your business.

At Walsh & Partners we are on hand to advise businesses of their options, taking clients through the various forms of legislation pertinent to their business and sector, assessing any risk and outlining measures that must be taken in order to avoid non-conformance.  We also provide clients with assistance in drafting workplace procedures and where legislative or regulatory changes occur, we will update clients on the appropriate measures that must be taken so that businesses continue to comply.

In the event of failure to conform with regulations, our team will swiftly respond to and manage any notifications, assist with investigations and put in place the relevant legal response to promptly resolve breaches so as to avoid costly fines or damaging liability for our clients.

We are fully familiar with the legal standards and requirements of all Irish regulatory bodies including the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), Food Safety Authority (FSA), Office of Corporate Enforcement, Revenue Commissioners, Financial Regulator and Customs and Excise.  We have worked with clients from across a range of business sectors and combined with our commercial acumen understand the unique regulatory matters which our clients must adhere to.

Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following:

  • Health and safety compliance
  • Workplace accidents
  • Drafting contracts and policies
  • Dealing with investigations
  • Implementing regulatory recommendations
  • Handling prosecutions
  • Bullying and harassment

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