Employment Law Solicitors Cork City, Midleton and Dublin

Employment Law Solicitors Cork: Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP in Cork, Midleton and Dublin are experts in employment law and are happy to advise employers and employees across all sectors. Our expertise in employment law are echoed in the unique approach we take to each case. We offer a bespoke solution for each and every client and dedicate our time to providing real-world solutions that ensure our clients are satisfied at all times.

Employment Law Solicitors, Cork, Midleton & Dublin

Below you will see just some examples of the areas we provide employment law services:

•  Employment contracts
•  Procedures and policies
•  Equality and discrimination issues
•  Unfair dismissal
•  Constructive dismissal
•  Redundancy
•  Employment termination
•  Employer’s rights and duties
•  Employee’s rights and duties
•  Workplace policy documents (bullying, sick leave, disciplinary procedures)
•  Maternity entitlements
•  Maternity disputes
•  Health and safety compliance
•  Employee incentive programmes
•  Share options
•  Subcontracting and outsourcing
•  Grievance procedures
•  Bullying and workplace stress
•  Leave entitlements, including maternity, parental and adoptive leave
•  Restrictions and covenants post-termination
•  Representation at the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court
•  Whistleblowing
•  Representation before all courts

The solicitors at Walsh and Partners LLP are specialists in the area of employment law and bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our legal team regularly advise on employment law matters for both employers and employees and have represented individuals that range from junior employees and middle management through to senior managers and company directors.

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Employment law is constantly evolving and these changes can have both a commercial and personal impact on employers and employees. Our team is well-versed on the changing landscape of employment law and has taken a pragmatic, forward-thinking approach to ensure our clients are represented in the strongest way possible.

Employers: Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP can provide you with a proactive team of employment law experts that take complex employment matters and turn them into positive outcomes. Whether you are a well-established business or a budding start-up, our experience in employment law will become another tool to ensure success. Based in the heart of Cork City, with two more offices in Midleton and Dublin, our central location and proximity to the port and airport makes us the ideal choice for employers right across Cork City and County.

Wrongful Termination Solicitor, Cork

Employees: If you are experiencing any concerns about your employment or require representation in an employee/employer dispute, the employment law team here at Walsh and Partners LLP are here to assist. We will act on your behalf, taking the strain and stress from your shoulders to seek a solution that provides you with confidence in your choice of solicitor.

Get in touch with a member of the team today to learn how strong representation can make a difference to your employment law issues. Whether you require representation in a court setting or are interested in setting up your own business, Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP would love to hear from you.

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