Medical Negligence Solicitor Cork 

Medical Negligence occurs when a person suffers an injury as a result of a healthcare professional not providing an adequate or proper level of care. Health professionals include doctors, dentists and any other medical professionals. Contact us today if you require a medical negligence solicitor in Cork.

Meeting a solicitor

If you wish to bring a medical negligence claim, it is advisable that you contact a Solicitor. They will meet you to discuss your case. As a result, they will carry out investigations as to whether there is a case.


The investigations would include the following:-

  1. It is advisable to obtain medical records from various hospitals and GPs that you have attended. This is required to find out your past medical history and the history of the treatment.
  2. You will be required to obtain a report from an expert.
  3. Once an expert report is at hand, a letter of claim is sent sent to the appropriate defendant.
  4. You may then consider bringing court proceedings. Your solicitor briefs a barrister to draft the appropriate court proceedings. The majority of medical negligence cases are in the High Court.

Initial Steps    

The first key step to find out whether there is an actual case is to get an appropriate expert report. This report will comment on fault. As a result the report is important in establishing as to whether there is a case.

Once proceedings issue, the defendant will set out their position. It will then be clear as to whether the case is being disputed. If this is not disputed, there is a strong possibility that the defendant will enter into settlement negotiations. If the matter is being disputed by the defendants it is likely that the matter will then go to a court hearing or trial.

Time Limits  

The time limit for bringing a medical negligence case is two years from the date of injury or the date of knowledge that the injury was caused. Contact us today if you require a medical negligence solicitor in Cork.


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