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Cosmetic Surgery Claims Ireland: Cosmetic surgery is considered an elective procedure that is used to enhance a person’s physical appearance. In Ireland, this practice is yet to be properly regulated. It is because of this lack of regulatory oversight that there exists a small cohort who provide services for which they are not sufficiently qualified. This results in some horrendous complications and aftercare neglect.  If you wish to make a cosmetic surgery claim you need to contact a solicitor as soon as possible.

When things go wrong during a cosmetic surgery procedure, the results for the patient can be devastating, not just physically but emotionally and financially as well.

While nothing can make up for the distress caused by a wrongful procedure, you may be entitled to bring a claim through a solicitor.


Cosmetic Surgery Claims Solicitor Cork, Midleton and Dublin

Today, cosmetic surgery is more than just a tummy tuck or a breast implant. This procedure is being done to reduce, increase and improve various parts of the body and as the scope of this type of surgery widens, so has the potential for different types of claims.

Some of the more common cosmetic surgery claims arise from something going wrong with these procedures:
• Breast augmentation
• Facelifts
• Liposuction
• Botox injections
• Plastic surgery
• Cosmetic dentistry


Seeking compensation for negligent cosmetic surgery

From a legal standpoint, all medical practitioners, including doctors and plastic surgeons owe their patients a ‘duty of care’. In lay terms, what this means is that these medical professionals are obliged to take reasonable precautions to ensure your safety and wellbeing while you are in their care, whether it is for health or cosmetic purposes.

Cosmetic surgery is treated as any other area of medical practice and when something goes wrong, it is for the law to decide whether or not there is any legal liability to pay the patient compensation or damages for their injuries and resultant losses.

Not surprisingly, establishing liability is reasonably clear-cut in some cases, whereas in other cases, it can get quite complicated and expert medical opinion may be necessary.

What you should also know is that it may not be enough for you to file a claim simply because you are dissatisfied by the result of your cosmetic surgery. There is a fine line between being unhappy with the results and actual malpractice or negligence.

The legal stand is that prospective claimants ought to be realistic and reasonable about the outcome of the procedure that they had elected to undergo.

Step- by- step process for making a cosmetic surgery compensation claim through a solicitor :

1. Contact a medical negligence solicitor to find out more about the claims process and any entitlements you may be entitled to.
2. Always ask for help when filling out your claim application and prior to gathering any supporting documents, e.g. medical reporst, pictures of any injuries, cuts or bruises, accident report etc. This is so important and will help the person assessing your case to determine whether to award you with a monetary amount. 3. Send your application back to the PIAB within 3 months of the incident you are making a claim for. 
4. The person you ar emaking the claim against will receive a notification of application from the PIAB.
5. The Respondent should then agree to an assessment of your application for a claim by the Injuries Board. They will in many instances be represented by an insurance company. 
6. It is possible that you may be asked to undergoa medical assessment carried out by a professional who is independent and is a representative for the PIAB.
7. The PIAB will determine the amount of the claim and will award you an amount in accordance with your injuries. Where the respondent may not agree to an Injuries Board assessment, or if one person is in disagreement with the award of the Board, the claim may then be forwarded to be heard in court. Contact us today to see if you have a case to bring a cosmetic surgery claim through a solicitor. Both parties will need to accept the verdict of the Injuries Board at this juncture.

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