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Clooney didn’t need pre-nup, but you might

George Clooney married his new wife, Amal Alamuddin, without a pre-nuptial agreement. He took a $220m dollar plunge, no pre-nup in sight. Must be love, romantics say. A brave man, cynics say. It was naturally assumed an iron-clad pre-marital contract to seal the deal would…

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Solicitor’s Guide to windfarm agreements

A developer may seek an option over all of your lands but it is possible to exclude part of your lands when discussing a Windfarm agreement. Do not give them more lands than is necessary. It is generally accepted that an area of 2 hectares…

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Solicitor Advice: Don’t rush into developing a Windfarm

A letter arrives in the post from a wind-farm development company, proposing to erect a windfarm on your lands. A few days later, a smartly dressed representative from the company approaches you, and he promises you the sum of €5,000 to sign an Option Agreement…

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Succession is a process, not an event

Each year, there is a huge amount of interest and queries in relation to succession and the transfer of the family farm. Sometimes, there are cases whereby one or both of the parties are nearing the age of 35 or 66 years, and the pressure…

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Homemade Will


Solicitor Advice: Making a homemade will is a little like DIY. We all have a little knowledge on how to go about it, but we never really get it completely right, do we? More than ever before, people have accumulated significant assets over their lifetime,…

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Here is some employment law which every employer farmer should know.   Employment Contracts – Employment Law  An employer is obliged to provide an employee with a statement in writing no later than two months after the commencement of employment containing certain information such as…

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farm safety


Why do farmers farm, given the economic adversities and difficulties? The answer is, love. Farmers farm for the love of farming. Farmers farm because they love working outdoors in the presence of nature and animals. Farmers farm because they love our beautiful countryside. Farmers farm…

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