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Know your turbary rights before a day’s work in the bog

Turbary rights are a common issue in the rural community, and one which can unfortunately cause some confusion. The rights were formerly granted and administered by an estate landlord, who would allocate a specific bank of turf to each of his tenant farmers. The management…

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Tricky business of family land ownership

Dear Karen, I left Ireland 13 years ago following the death of my father. My mother had passed away previously. I moved to Wales for work and I have been living there since then. My father left the family farm to myself and my brother…

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For most of us, conversations about money can be uncomfortable. There is an age-old tradition in Ireland that people do not speak about money, be it their savings, investments, income, debts or otherwise.However, it is very important that couples planning on getting married sit down…

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Don’t forget the legal aspects of parent care

Having an up to date will one of the legalities that prevent difficulties down the line, writes Karen Walsh.   Dear Karen, I don’t want to put my mother in a nursing home. My mother, who is in her 70s, fell and broke her hip…

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Farming, social media, GDPR: Are you ready for it all?

Embrace social media but be aware of your responsibilities and legal obligations, says Karen Walsh Social media has become increasingly prevalent in the modern world and has become a key tool for businesses when marketing their products. Social media can be an especially useful platform…

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Japanese knotweed claim

Japanese Knotweed Claim – Solicitors

Japanese knotweed poses a risk for farmers, due to its uncontrollable growth and the difficulty in removing it. We discuss making a Japanese knotweed claim. The law Under the Noxious Weeds Act 1936, it is an offence to allow noxious weeds to grow on your…

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Succession planning


Every family is unique. The movement from one generation to the next is one every family must consider, especially if there is a family business. As a solicitor specialising in succession planning and property and probate over the years I have noticed common factors and…

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Executor of a Will


An executor (or a legal personal representative) is the person appointed by a person in his or her will to administer the estate and take out a grant of probate to the estate of the deceased. He can issue proceedings and enter into contracts to…

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