Workplace Relations Solicitor Ireland

Workplace Relations Solicitor Ireland

Workplace Relations Solicitor, Cork City and Midleton, Ireland

Workplace Relations Solicitor Ireland​

Expert Workplace Relations Solicitor in Ireland, Walsh and Partners LLP have offices in Cork City, Midleton and Dublin. The establishment of The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) in 2015 is one of the biggest developments in workers’ rights of the past thirty years.   

Workplace Relations Lawyer Cork, Midleton and Dublin

  Before bringing a complaint it is advisable that the employee notifies their employer to ascertain whether the matter can be resolved through mediation or other means.

Whilst an employee can fill out the Application Form without legal representation, it is recommended to obtain legal advice as employment legislation is complicated and there is a substantial body of employment legislation which has built up over the four decades. It is advisable to give as much detail as possible when lodging the application form in respect of the nature of the complaint. The application form give a number of options to assist with what complaints can be made.  All complaints made to the Commission must be made within six months of the complaint but if you can show reasonable cause for a delay, an extension up to 12 months will be granted in certain exceptional circumstances.

Normally the procedure under the Commission is that legal arguments and evidence should be sent to them within 21 days from the complaint being made. Evidence would include statements from witnesses and any documents the employer and employee wishes to rely upon such as the contract of employment and personnel documents. The policies which the employer has in place such as grievance, bullying and harassment are key in ascertaining whether fair procedures were in place and these are factors which will be considered at a hearing. Accordingly, it is vitally important to hold on to any records, including documents, files and supporting correspondence throughout the complaint procedure.

An oral hearing will then take place before an Adjudication Officer where evidence is heard.  They will then make a decision which they have 28 days to do.    If a finding is made against an employer, they are then required to enforce the Order.   If either party is no satisfied with the decision they are entitled to make an Appeal to the Labour Court in respect of the decision.

Since the establishment of The Commission in 2015, it is now a lot more straightforward to bring a claim against your employer. Where previously there was a number of bodies dealing with the various facets of employment law, it now all dealt with within The Workplace Relations Commission.  The process is now a lot more streamlined and ultimately it is easier for an employee to now bring a complaint against his employer to The Workplace Relations Commission.

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