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Making a personal injury claim for compensation in Ireland

Consult Personal Injury Solicitors in Cork if you have been involved in an accident.

There are different types of accidents which may result in personal injury.

The most common types are:

    1. Road Traffic which are accidents normally involving motorists or pedestrians.
    2. Public Liability which are accidents  that occur in a public place.
    3. Employers Liability which are accidents in the workplace.

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If you have suffered personal injury from an accident, you should as soon as you can:

    1. Report the accident to your employer/insurance company/occupier of the public place.
    2. Attend your doctor or local hospital.

Once these steps have been taken, you should consult with a solicitor with a view to bringing a claim for personal injury.

The personal injury solicitor will advise you what steps need to be taken if you wish to claim for compensation arising out of the accident. The following will normally be considered:

    1. Obtaining a medical report from a medical expert setting out the injuries..
    2. Sending a letter of claim to the appropriate Defendant in respect of your claim seeking damages for your losses.
    3. There are two main types of damages which are general for pain and suffering and special for quantified losses such as loss of earnings
    4. Normally when a claim is made, the Defendant or their insurance company investigates liability and fault  or legal liability is normally accepted or denied.
    5. Draft an application to the Injuries Board.
    6. The Defendant has an opportunity to consent or reject whether the Injuries Board can assesses the matter.
    7. The Injuries Board will either make an award of give authorisation to bring court proceedings.
    8. You can accept or reject any award offered by the Injuries Board. If rejected you can bring court proceedings
    9. Your solicitor will then draft court proceedings in the appropriate court which depends on the level of damages sought.
    10. The matter will then proceed to a court hearing where the case will be heard.

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