Making a will in Ireland

Whilst making a homemade will may be tempting and something we have all thought of at some stage, it is vitally important that you seek legal assistance and advice in this area. Making a will in Ireland with the correct legal advice is a very affordable and worthwhile process. We like to think of homemade wills as DIY, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way, but it’s the finer details that need the most attention and sometimes we just need an expert to step in. In the times we live in, individuals have accumulated more wealth and assets than they have in previous generations, so a valid will drafted by an experienced solicitor is vitally important.

Homemade will advice Cork, Midleton and Dublin

If a will is incorrectly drafted and possibly invalid, it can have horrific consequences for the surviving family members and loved ones. A relatively small fee can ensure that your will is drafted in accordance with the law and will serve your wishes in their entirety in the event of your death. Making a homemade will is not worth the risk it poses to those you love, it could put them at risk of expensive court fees and years of battling to get what is rightfully theirs. Avoiding disputes at all costs is the name of the game here, the lower the risk for disputes, the lower the costs will be to those you love.

Where a will is deemed to be invalid, the person who wrote the will is said to have died ‘intestate’, if there is no prior will. This means that they died without legally leaving a will. Removing this risk will cost you a small fee and leave your loved ones with the security they need for the future. A skilled legal will writer is a notable profession that takes many years of training and legal expertise. Our team here at Walsh and Partners have honed our will drafting expertise to high levels and we recognise the importance of covering all aspects of your estate. Our sole aim is to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes with minimal or no disputes. We will also ensure that your will is drafted in such a way that any inheritance taxes will be minimal or avoided in their entirety.

The small fee we charge for drafting your will represents excellent value when set against any tax savings that can be made in the long term. It is only natural that we do not like to contemplate our own deaths, however it is important that we have a say in how our assets are distributed. You may have a desire to provide for an old friend at the time of your death, someone who has been dear to you over your life, someone who has helped you when you needed it most, and you may have voiced this desire to them. However, if you do not express this in a valid will, then your estate will be distributed in a way that you had not intended.

Making a will in Ireland with Walsh and Partners LLP

Making a homemade will should not be left to chance, there are a number of mistakes that you could make along the way that could deem your will invalid or ineffective:

       • Failing to sign the document,
       • Failing to have the document witnessed,
       • Omitting dates,
       • Not including certain assets,
       • Not amending the will when new assets are obtained or sold.

In our expert opinion there are no circumstances in which a homemade will is acceptable for equal and fair distribution of an estate. As solicitors we are trained to treat your will as a document that is unique to your own special circumstances. We take the time to get to know you and your circumstances, talk to you about future potential outcomes and ask questions that you may not have thought about yourself. We can then talk you through the many options that are available to you, all the while ensuring your will is both valid and appropriate for your wishes. Legal expertise is necessary to ensure the validity of a will and to make sure that each and every paragraph and item is accounted for. Lacking the ability to craft a will professionally can result in large legal costs for future generations and potential disputes among family members after your death.

Homemade wills pose too much of a risk to all involved, both financially and emotionally. Avoid costly mistakes that may deplete the value of your estate and get in touch with Walsh and Partners Solicitors LLP to learn more about securing a valid will for the future of your loved ones.

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