The publication of an unfounded statement about an individual or business can cause considerable damage.  Typically defamation can occur when a false statement has been made public via print, radio and television and increasingly new channels such as websites and email.

At Walsh & Partners we are cognisant of the issues that such libellous statements can have on an individual’s career, business, personal reputation and indeed the personal repercussions to their families.  Our team will work swiftly to resolve any such events and will fervently seek to protect and reinstate the reputation of our clients.

Our team of legal advisers has the necessary commercial and litigation expertise to manage full defamation claims on behalf of our clients. We are skilled at providing comprehensive legal counsel, advising on best practice strategies that respond to either a threat of publication or the management of post-publication consequences.

We are focussed on achieving the full vindication of our client’s character and in the event of publication, we will seek public apology and/or correction and if required a monetary compensation.  Where pre-court negotiations fail, we will fully pursue claims via the courts in the interest of our clients.

Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pre and post publication advice
  • Initiating defamation proceedings
  • Negotiations and dispute resolution
  • Litigation

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