Witness for Compensation Claim in Ireland

Witness for Compensation Claim Ireland

Presenting a witness for compensation claims in Ireland is vital to the success of your case. To properly present your compensation case, you will need a team of professional witnesses to deal with certain aspects of the claim.  The professional witnesses are experts in certain fields of legal evidence and are vital to a successful outcome to your case.  Doctors, surgeons, dentists, psychiatrists etc. play a very obvious and important role in establishing the nature and extent of your injury.  Accountants can play an important role in establishing the loss of earnings particularly of a self-employed person.

Witness for Compensation Claim Ireland

An actuary does a similar job to the accountant but instead of looking at past losses, he or she is more concerned with projecting future losses.  An actuary is needed when a person is so badly injured that he will be unable to work in the future or where the injured person will only be able to do a less well-paid job because of his injuries.

An assessor is used in car crashes to calculate the cost of repairing the damaged car.  The motor assessor will decide on depreciation and will also advice whether it would be economical to treat the car as a write-off or have it repaired.

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Architects are employed to prepare plans of the scene of an accident and perhaps to make observations on the design of the building where the accident took place.

Engineers sometimes overlap with architects in that they also prepare reports on the scene of an accident.  However, they can come into their own when the injury was caused by a dangerous machine or system of work.

Seeking out good expert witnesses is important.  It can be expensive.  Many Plaintiffs find the costs and effort worthwhile because a good expert witness can greatly add to the success as well as the smooth presentation of your compensation case.

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