Defamation Solicitors Cork and Dublin

Considerable damage can be done to the reputation of an individual or business based on the publication of an unfounded statement. Defamation occurs when a false statement has been made public through either print media, radio/television or online platforms. Here at Walsh and Partners we are acutely aware of the impact libellous statements can have on the reputation of your business, career and livelihood and we will work tirelessly to ensure this damage is reversed and compensation is received that is commensurate with the harm that has been caused.


Defamation Claims Solicitor Cork

Our legal team is well equipped with the necessary litigation and commercial experience to fully manage defamation claims on your behalf. With unmatched skills for providing advice on best practice strategies as well as providing comprehensive legal strategies, we are ready to respond to threats of publication of the damage control and management following publication.


Defamation Claims Ireland

Here at Walsh and Partners our goal is to provide our client with full vindication of character in the event that a false statement has been published. We will work tirelessly to attain a full, frank and public apology/correction and if necessary, financial compensation for the hurt that has been caused to you the client. Where it is not possible to settle the dispute in court, we will be ready to fully represent your best interests in a court setting.

Walsh and Associates can assist with your defamation case in the following areas:

. Advice post publication

. Advice on pre-publication threats

. Initiation of defamation proceedings on your behalf

. Negotiation expertise

. Dispute resolution

. Litigation


Defamation Law Solicitors, Cork and Dublin

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